Saturday, November 28, 2009

New widget code

After a long haitus, we've started working on the PagesLike widget again. Our first version was pretty "hacked together" over a weekend. We now have cleaned up the code to be more maintainable in the future, and easier to add new features (a number of the App Engine components we've developed will make their way into future open source projects as well).

The widget is still "alpha" quality - but it is now sending real links to other sites.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How PagesLike works for you

Create context and relevance at the article level by providing your readers with links to other Web sites with similar content. No work on your end, other than embedding the widget, and a lot of added value to your readers. You provide the context, the other perspectives to the story, by linking to outside sites. And we do it all for you. Our program will search your articles for keywords and then provide a list of links to articles on other Web sites that have the same keywords. The more sites that embed our widget, the more diverse the links you provide.

GonzoCamp Project

We're building an automatic cross-linking service for news sites as a GonzoCamp project.